Man whose wife died during alleged road rage attack returns to KC after burying her next to her father

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A husband has returned from Iraq after burying his wife in her home country. Shaymaa Saudi, 35, was killed Sunday, Jan. 15, when she was fleeing a driver who had tried to run over her husband.

In surveillance video from a business called El Torito, Saudi's husband, Abbas al Hahemi, can be seen out of the car, arguing with another man. The husband then said he told his wife to leave with their 5-year-old daughter because the driver of the truck was trying to run him down. (Scroll down for the surveillance video in the video player below.)

Saudi left the immediate area, but slammed into a pole with her car. Police are investigating whether the driver forced her off the road or rammed into her intentionally, as Hahemi says.

"Yesterday I spoke with the detective and he said they're still working on it and it's really surprises me that he's still out, free. The guy's still free and out. I mean they should have charged him with at least trying to run me over as they have a video of him trying to do so," said Abbas al Hahemi. "Right now they're waiting on lab results, making sure the two vehicles got in contact, but in the meantime, they do have surveillance camera video showing that the guy tried to run me over."

Shaymaa Saudi with her family

Shaymaa Saudi with her family

Police say their 5-year-old daughter was in the backseat in a booster seat. She was taken to an area hospital with serious, but non-life threatening injuries.

“She had cuts on her body, and some scratches on her face, she spent two days in the hospital, then she came here,” Hasan Alhassimi, the husband's brother, described his niece.

The couple has two children, who must now go on without their mom.

Hashemi says it was his wife's wish to be buried in Iraq, next to her father, and that's what he did.

At home again on Tuesday, Abbas al Hashemi, recalls what the man told him.

"The first thing he said getting out of the car, he said he would kill someone tonight. I told him I have family, I got no problem with you, leave, take your time. He didn't want to leave," said Hashemi.

Hashemi said he banged on the man's care and smashed windows trying to get the man to stop.

He said police know who the man is.

"Never seen the guy before. Never had problem with anybody in the area and we were just driving and he stopped there blocking the street. I tried to pass him. As he was like getting to the side of the street and then he started maneuvering, trying like to block me. I stopped and I honked the horn for him. He backed up on me and then he got out and started fighting. I told him that 'I got a family with me. I have family with me. Don't need to do any of that. Just get in your truck and leave,' and he wouldn't leave," Hashemi said.

Police are waiting on lab results before moving forward with the investigation.

"I want to tell him, 'He took a whole family life doing what he did. He took a mom. He took a teacher. He took the love of mine" he said. "I really appreciate the people who supported me and supported the case and stood up and give their testified to the police."