KCU hosts future doctors from area high schools

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences opened it's doors to more than 50 prospective doctors from area high schools to give them a first hand look at life as a medical school student.

East High School junior Breianna Dixon is getting a chance to live her dream.

"This is a fantastic opportunity for the students to get their feet wet. Learn about some of the basics of what it means to become a doctor,” Jake Starsiak, a second-year KCU Medical Student, said.

Some of the more than 1,000 current KCU students took high school hopefuls under their wing to help give them a look into their future. For East High School junior Breianna Dixon, it was a chance to live her dream.

“This actually gets me really excited because I look forward to doing this on a daily basis,” Dixon said.

Fellow classmate Ester Lopez said she is using the time to make sure her future will be mapped out and hopes more of her classmates will do the same.

“I would advise students in high school to go on more field trips and do as many as you can so you can be as exposed as you can to your different opportunities and what you actually want to go into so you can make the right decision in choosing what you want to do,” Lopez said.

For Jacqueline Hernandez, a junior at East High, the day's activities reinforced her desire to save lives.

“It’s a great thing because I wasn’t there whenever my father died and I wish I could have known more so that way I could have helped him. But this time I’ll know more so I can help other people from being sick or passing away. I’d be like a superhero basically,” Hernandez said.

The program has hosted 50 to 60 students each of the last six years and is free for students to attend.