Family says father stabbed his own son to death after heavy drinking

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A metro couple woke up to lights and sirens outside their Northland home. They said their son stabbed their adult grandson to death.

It reportedly happened in their backyard near 43rd and Bellefontaine.

The grandmother was too upset to show her face on camera, but told FOX 4 that her grandson Joey was stabbed to death early Sunday morning in her backyard. She said she woke up to sirens and a crime scene, and saw her son-in-law taken away in handcuffs.

"The drinking demon jumped in, and that's when things changed," she said. "I wish Joey had a better future, but I guess he does now where he is. Better one than he had here on Earth."

She said her son-in-law (who FOX 4 has declined to name pending charges) had been drinking heavily in the backyard near a shed.

Joey was hanging out with him when, she said, his dad pulled out a knife and stabbed him twice, killing him.

Joey's grandfather was sleeping inside too.

"He fell. He went down to his knees, ... then before he could get back up, he stabbed him again," he said.

The grandfather is in shock standing where his 27-year-old grandson lost his life.

Family said Joey stood by his father during the man's struggles with alcoholism. Now they're heartbroken the man took his own son's life.

"Just remember Joey as the fun-loving, good, kind kid," the grandmother said.

Police confirmed they did take one person into custody following the homicide, although charges have not yet been filed in the case.