Family throws birthday party for KC boy who never made it to 10 years old

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Friends and family came out to a birthday celebration for a boy who didn’t live to attend the party of his dreams.

Jayden Ugwuh would have turned 10 years old on Sunday. Jayden and his 8-year-old cousin, Montell Ross were killed last August.

Police said a gunman sprayed bullets into the family home where the two children were spending time with family. It happened near 58th and College. The case remains unsolved.

“We still don’t have justice and I still don’t understand why, why nobody would want to speak up on behalf of two innocent kids,” said Aishah Coppage, Montell’s mother and Jayden’s aunt.

On Sunday, Jayden’s mother threw him an Abraham Lincoln-themed birthday party. She said it was the kind of birthday party he requested before he was killed.

She said he came home from school and was so excited to tell her that he learned he and Abraham Lincoln shared the same birthday.

“So to honor him, I said I am still just going to go with it,” Tishah Coppage told FOX 4. “We are celebrating like he is here.”

She said the rest of her children still live in fear.

“They don’t sleep good thinking that somebody is after the family,” she said. “They don’t understand it as much as we don’t, so they still live in fear.”

Aishah Coppage said her children remain scared too.

“I need my other kids to feel safe, they don’t understand, they are like why?” she said. “Why would somebody want to hurt a kid? So they think in their mind there is somebody out there still.”

If you have any information about the case you can call the police TIPS hotline at (816)-474-TIPS.