Panache Chocolatier & Cafe offers the best for Valentine’s Day

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A sweet Valentine's Day tradition is keeping candy makers busy this weekend. Panache Chocolatier & Cafe on the Country Club Plaza are busy hand-dipping thousands of truffles and strawberries for your sweetheart.

"It all starts with the chocolate," said owner Julie House. "You bite into our truffle, that is the first flavor you will get is chocolate."

After you taste the chocolate, the second and third notes of strawberry or champagne fold over your taste buds.

"It's a 1-2-3 flavor combination," House explained.

The fine Belgium chocolate is heated to a perfect temperature and stirred until it's ideal for drizzling and dipping.

Panache has made its home on the Plaza for 38 years, but the unique truffles weren't created until just recently. Three years ago, the House family bought the business and brought Mallory Baxter, a specialty chef, on board.

"Real flower pedals, real fruit and all of our truffles are handmade," Baxter said. "They are all unique and different."

During Valentine's Day and Christmas, 18-hour days are typical for these chocolate aficionados.

This is just the beginning; Panache is working on several different secret flavors that they will release by Mother's Day.