Heart-healthy Atlantic salmon with Tzatziki sauce

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- In honor of Valentine's Day, FOX 4 wanted to show some love to our hearts with a heart-healthy recipe. Executive chef of St. Luke's Hospital, Brian Lewis, shared just how easy it can be to complete. He also shared what foods we should be avoiding for a healthier heart.

Atlantic salmon with Tzatziki sauce

All Purpose Seasoning. 2 cups

.75 cup  Paprika
.5 cup    Lemon Pepper
.25 cup  Granulated Garlic
.25 cup Granulated Onion
.25 cup  Dried Leaf Tarragon
Chop tarragon in spice grinder and mix all ingrediants together.

Tzatziki  Sauce. 1 Quart

2 ea        English Cucumber
Salt         .5 tsp.
Cut cucumbers, remove seeds, and grate. Toss grated cucumbers in salt. Place in a strainer and let drain for 45 minutes.
2 Tbs.    Chopped fresh  dill
2 Tbs.    Chopped fresh mint
1 ea.      Lemon
2 ea.      Garlic cloves chopped fine
3 cups   Plain Greek yogurt
Zest and juice lemon

Mix all ingrediants together . Sauce is best if refrigerated for at least 2 hours before serving.

Tomato and Cucumber Salad. 1 quart

6 oz.       Fresh diced tomatoes with seeds removed
7 oz.       Diced English cucumber with seeds removed
3 oz.       Diced red onion
2 oz.       Caesar salad dressing
2 Tbs.    Fresh chopped dill weed
Mix all ingrediants together

Greek Style Salmon. 2 servings

2 ea.      4 oz. Salmon Fillets
1 tsp.     Lemon  juice
1.5 tsp. All purpose seasoning

Toss the Salmon with ingrediants and let set two hours

1 tsp.     Olive oil.
1.5  Tbs Tzatziki Sauce

In a hot pan, add oil and sear salmon on both sides.

Brush each fillet with 1 tsp. of Tzatziki Sauce. Finish in a 350 degree oven to an internal temperature of 145 degrees for 15 seconds. Remove from oven. Coat each fillet with an additional 1 tsp. of sauce and serve with .25 cup of Tomato and Cucumber Salad. 

Greek Style Spaghetti Squash. 2 cups

  1. ea. Spaghetti squash cut in half lengthwise

.75 cups water

Remove seeds and membranes from squash, place in pan cut side down. Add water and bake in a 350 degree oven for about 45 minutes. Squash will be browned and easy to dent. Let enough to handle. With a spoon, scoop the squash from the skin. Fluff the squash to separate strands. Let cool or serve

1 Tsp.    Olive oil
.25 cup Diced Red onion
I ea.       Chopped garlic clove
.33 cup  Garbanzo Beans, canned and drained
.5 tsp.    Chopped fresh thyme
6 ea.      Cherry tomatoes cut in half
1 cup     Fresh spinach
1 Tbs.    Feta Cheese

In a hot pan, add oil and sauté onions until almost translucent. Add garlic and cook with little color. Add beans, thyme and sauté a bit more. Add the squash and cook for a bit. When squash I hot, add tomatoes and spinach and cook until spinach wilt. Mix in feta cheese and serve immediately.


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