Blue Valley students say Coach Driskell left them with lessons and wisdom that will last forever

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Blue Valley High School students and staff are heartbroken after losing one of their own, Coach Eric Driskell. He died Wednesday after suffering a ruptured brain aneurysm Sunday.

"Live like a champion" is a phrase Coach Driskell taught his students and wisdom they say they will keep with them forever. Students FOX 4 talked to Wednesday are still in shock he's gone.

Some just saw him on Saturday with a big smile on his face, now just like that he's gone. Coach Driskell was known as much more than a coach, but a confidant and friend for many students. One student we talked to met Coach Driskell in the fifth grade and says his wisdom will stay with him for ever.

"He always there - whether he knew you or not. He was there for you. He was the patriarch and the schools athletics," Blue Valley senior Baker Lister said. "He always preached live like champions. That's an on going theme I'll keep with me the rest of my life. On and off the field. The rest of life. Living like a champion."

Students wrote "Coach Driskell" on their shoes and plan on wearing them during their wrestling match on Friday.