Fire destroys hundreds of donated items given to Kansas City family after basement flood

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Fire destroyed the Wayne Avenue home of a Kansas City mom and her nine children on Sunday. It’s the second time the family has lost everything in the past year. A flooded basement destroyed most of Tina Finney and her children’s belongings previously.

“Everything was ruined so we had went without for a long time,” Finney said.

She finally saved up enough by Thanksgiving to try to get some repairs done. The wife of the handyman she picked out of the Thrifty Nickel was shocked when she saw how little the children aged one to 23 had.

“It’s our duty as people to take care of each other and if we see someone else in need it’s our responsibility to see they are provided for,” Megan Smith said.

Smith made it her mission to get the family help. She asked for donations on her Facebook page and by Christmas she gave each of children bikes and a whole lot more.

“I had gotten everything I needed; beds microwaves, washer, dryer, clothes, shoes, cookware,” Finney said.

But Sunday all of that was destroyed when a fire spread from the backyard into the home. A neighbor told FOX 4 the fire appeared to have started by a child setting fire to leaves in the backyard and then attempting to put it out with water bottles. Finney says that all of her children were inside at the time of the fire.

Now only one of those bikes is even recognizable.

“Everything is burnt up it’s gone, there’s nothing left,” Finney said.

“To have everything taken away from you when you’ve just gotten to a point where you have stability and peace, it’s just not fair,” Smith said.

Finney says she has no idea what she will do after the couple days worth of Red Cross assistance runs out. As sad it was to see the items hundreds of community members donated burn, Smith says she’ll be collecting for the family once again. She just hopes the family can find a home to put donations in.

“There is no if, ands, or buts. I believe I was given a calling to help her and the kids back in November and I’m not about to give up now," Smith said.

A community member has started a GoFundMe, click this link for more details.