More people are packing up, selling their homes and moving to the city to live the life of luxury

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Luxury living in downtown Kansas City continues to draw many young professionals and empty-nesters to the area.

Many apartment complexes now offer amenities such as wine lockers, meditation rooms and even house cleaning services to bring people in.

Apartment owners say 10 years ago this trend of luxury living never existed in downtown Kansas City, but it has now become the standard.

From rooftop gardens to rooftop pools, property owners say the views are a big reason people choose to live downtown.

"These are very important because that gives you a sense of living in the city, and that's what people really come here for," General Manager of 909 Walnut Alan Waterman said.

Waterman adds that sometimes it's not just the location but also the history of the building that matters to people.

"It gives you a sense of luxury," Waterman said. "Being in an old building, in a prewar building where you're not just living in an apartment in a box."

Christine Davidson says she and her husband sold their home in the suburbs about 10 years ago to move downtown.

"We want walkable," Davidson said. "And we really like the fact that we can walk down the street to a restaurant, to the grocery store to the library, and the streetcar makes it very easy to get to other places. I volunteer at Union Station so I can just get on the streetcar and go down there very easily."

Davidson says they were looking for a community to get involved in, not just a place to sleep.

Other tenants say when it came to amenities, a fitness center, a heated pool and covered parking were at the top of their list. Several tenants also say the view was at the top of their list when wanting to move downtown.