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Wind is undeniable force in Kansas City on Monday

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It has been a memorable Monday in the Kansas City area, as strong winds downed some trees and limbs, kicked up debris, forced drivers to really grip their steering wheels and made wearing a skirt or a hat a challenge.

In Leavenworth, Kan., on 10th Street, across from Leavenworth High School a tree toppled over in the residents’ front yard. The picture was sent to FOX 4 by ‎Linda Stansell‎. Below it, there’s some video of a stop sign in Gladstone, with credit to viewer Josh Lewellen. Scroll down further and there’s video from Higginsville, Mo., from viewer Bonnie Fisher.

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Also to note: March 5th-11th is Severe Weather Awareness Week.

‎Linda Stansell‎/FOX 4 News Kansas City
Leavenworth, KS ·
High winds today in Leavenworth Kansas. This is across the street from Leavenworth High School on 10th Street.