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Weather service determines severity of tornadoes in Oak Grove, Smithville, Lee’s Summit

PLEASANT HILL, Mo. — The National Weather Service determined the tornado Monday night in Oak Grove was an EF-3 tornado.

Tornadoes are rated by their intensity and the damage they caused to vegetation and human created structures. The Enhanced Fujita scale (EF-Scale) is the primary scale used in the United States.

In the Enhanced Fujita scale, an EF-3 tornado has winds of 136-165 mph. The following information is what was recorded for the tornadoes in Oak Grove, Smithville and Lee’s Summit, as well as at the Johnson County Airport.

Oak Grove

  • EF-3
  • Wind: 152 mph
  • 12 mile path
  • 400 yards wide at maximum

Smithville to Lathrop

  • EF-2
  • Wind: 132 mph
  • 19 mile path
  • 1,000 yards wide at maximum

(An EF-2 tornado has winds from 111-135 mph.)

Lee’s Summit

  • EF-1
  • Wind: 108 mph
  • 2.3 mile path
  • 25 yards at max

(An EF-1 tornado measures winds between 86 and 110 mph.)

Johnson County Airport:

  • Straight-line winds of 80-85 mph

Johnson Co. Airport

Smithville, Mo., March 6 tornado damage

  • Oak Grove