Girl celebrating 9th birthday honors grandfather by collecting donations for cancer institute

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Most 9-year-olds ask for the latest video game or doll for their birthday, but one metro girl did something to help others who are fighting for their lives.

There's a reason Cora Dow received a standing ovation. Inside a special wallet, there was more than $100 she raised herself to donate to the Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute. She asked family and friends to donate, in lieu of gifts on her 9th birthday. She says it's just something she felt in her heart she needed to do, all in honor of a very special man who recently passed away.

"My grandfather, he had cancer. As we were driving by to my grandma's house, I saw the building and I thought of all the patients in here. And I thought of grandfather and how he was one of them too."

Cora thinks of her late grandpa, as she stood in a room where dozens of all ages receive chemotherapy and fight for their lives.

"There's lots of people out there with cancer, and they're not as healthy as some of kids out there. So you should give what you have to the kids who don't have much."

A little girl wise beyond her years, meeting several adults who wonder if she knows what lessons she taught them.

"It's really cool getting to meet everybody here and getting to know who I donated the money to."