Mason Elementary students get a glimpse of their Million Dollar Project come to life at Union Station

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KANSAS CITY, Mo., -- What was once a dream is now becoming reality for some Mason Elementary School students.

"It’s like having my imagination and dreams come true right in front of me. It is amazing," Reagan Parker, a sixth grader, said.

The construction area outside Union Station will be the home to a playground designed by Ben Guthrie and his classmates.

"It is a lot bigger than I expected. I didn’t think the Lucky Climber was going to be so huge," Guthrie, a fifth grade student, said.

Their winning design beat out more than 500 entries from area school's in last year's Battle of the Brains competition.

"It seemed impossible. I really didn’t think we were going to win but it is so cool that we did because I’ve gone on this amazing journey with all of the people that I love," Parker said.

"There aren’t very many outdoor exhibits and aren’t very many simple machine exhibits so I think our exhibit really stood out because a lot of people were doing typical weather and tornadoes. And we did simple machines and I thought that really stood out," Guthrie said.

Project manager Nicholas Pederson is helping bring the project to life.

"They started by just scribbling and scratching stuff down on paper. Our Burns and McDonnell team met with them along with Union Station and went through those drawings and ideas and we took that into consideration with what we wanted to bring out here," Pederson said.

And in a little more than a month, this work in progress will become a dream come true.

"It’s an honor to be part of this project and it makes my life easier in the morning knowing that we’re out here building this for the kids. It’s their exhibit and we’re just excited to see it come through," Pederson said.

On top of having the winning design, the students also won a $50,000 grant for their school. The grand opening of the playground is set for May 2, 2017.