Memorial for Toni Anderson appears at Platte Landing Park where car was found

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PARKVILLE, Mo. – Dozens of drivers passed the ramp today where searchers pulled up Toni Anderson’s car Friday night. Many wanted to see the area that was blocked off Friday night; others paid their respects.

Two young northland women said the news feels like they’ve lost someone they know.

Cheyenne Hansen and Serenity Springs didn’t know Toni Anderson, but in her, they see a little bit of themselves.

Hansen said, “We’ve been following the story since January when she went missing.” Springs said, “We almost started crying because it wouldn’t think that it’s this close to home.”

A small cross and flowers are left at the site where search teams pulled Toni Anderson's car from the Missouri River.

The pair is just a couple years apart in age from 20-year-old Anderson, who went missing in mid-January.

Springs said, “Whenever they pinged her phone on the other side of Park University, we were talking about it at work, and we were curious how a 20-year-old girl would leave her phone without something being wrong.”

Investigators pulled Anderson’s car out of the Missouri River Friday night. In it, they found a female body.

Hansen said, “It kind of hits pretty close to home for us because stuff like this doesn’t happen around here and since it did, it’s kind of a big deal.”

As of Saturday, police had not said on record whether the person that was found was the missing UMKC student. Regardless, Hansen and Springs said finding her car is sad news, and they hurt for the people who know and love the missing woman.

“It didn’t happen the way they wanted it to happen, I know, but hopefully the family gets the closure that they needed,” said Hansen. “We just wanted to pay our respects and come out here. We didn’t want to be rude or anything, we just wanted to be respectful.” The pair dropped off a cross and flowers next to the boat ramp where investigators pulled up Anderson’s car.

Kansas City police said Friday they’re unable to confirm the identity of the female who was found inside Anderson’s car.

Police said two vehicles were retrieved from that area of the river.

The first vehicle pulled from the water in the afternoon was an SUV said to be unrelated to any KCPD investigations, which is the lead agency in the Anderson disappearance. Police reaffirmed this detail during a media briefing on Friday night.

KCPD Captain Stacey Graves said the area has been searched before, and on Friday there was assistance from a team employing Sonar technology. While there is a boat landing near where the car was pulled from, it’s unknown at present how the car got there.

Anderson, 20, has been missing since Sunday, January 15. She was last seen near a QuikTrip off of 9 Highway in North Kansas City, where she stopped to get gas after a police officer pulled her over for an improper lane change. She was given a warning.

Platte Landing Park sits adjacent to English Landing Park along the Missouri River. At the beginning of February, English Landing Park became the focus in the search for Anderson.