Kansas City housing program sued, leaving renters searching for a place to live

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Doris Shinn and her daughter Brooke are packing up their belongings, preparing to leave the house where they've lived for less than a year. The two-story Kansas City rental was supposed to provide them with a fresh start. Instead, they are in worse shape than before.

They blame a transitional housing program that they accuse of letting down the very people it was supposed to be lifting up.

"We are the ones who were lied to," said Doris Shinn. " We are the ones who (are) out money."

The Shinns are just two of about a dozen families being evicted this month from homes they were renting through a program called New Beginnings, Second Chance.

It's operated by Reggie Flag who promised to provide people with poor credit history a place to live. The Shinns and others paid rent every two weeks to New Beginnings, which was subleasing properties that it had rented from another company.

The Shinns have receipts that they say prove they never missed a single payment on the home which cost them $985 a month, plus utilities. But just weeks after moving in, they got a letter in the mail from the property owner advising them their rent hadn't been paid.

The Shinns called Flag who told them to throw the letter away, saying the payment must have just gotten "crossed in the mail."

They believed Flag until a few months later when an eviction notice was taped to the front door.

About a mile away, Ashley Harris and Nekeidra Figures also found an eviction notice on their door. They say they also never missed a rent payment. They are furious with New Beginnings and Flag.

"He's going for whoever he can get over on, " Harris said.

Court records show New Beginnings is being sued by the property owner for possession of all 17 properties it was renting.

The reason cited in the suit: not paying rent.

FOX 4 Problem Solvers called Flag for his side of the story. Flag blamed his renters. He said New Beginnings would have been successful if more renters had paid him on time. Because they didn't, he said he's had no choice but to shut down the program.

But the women we talked to blamed Flag. They accused him of taking advantage of their desperation and their money and then leaving them without a home.