Police call body found under pile of trash on KCK rooftop suspicious

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Officers are investigating after a body was found near 33rd and Strong Avenue in KCK.

Police Chief Terry Zeigler tweeted just after 2 p.m. Monday that police received a report of a body.

The body was first spotted by the landlord of the next door building who was cleaning out the upstairs room to rent it. That man did not want to appear on camera but said he looked out the window and saw the victim's legs sticking out of from a pile of trash bags outside on the roof of the adjacent building.

Police received a warrant later Monday evening to go into the property and investigate.

"He was covered up by debris and trash and a mattress and stuff like that," Ofc. Cameron Morgan with the KCK Police Department said. "From everything on the roof, it definitely looks suspicious at this time so I would not believe he crawled in there. I think he was possibly placed there."

The body is described as that of a white male. Morgan said the victim could possibly be 31-year-old Bryant Anderson, who was last seen at the apartment building and was reported missing in February.

Family members of Bryant Anderson arrived at the scene Monday afternoon.

"I feel nervous; very, very nervous, because I didn't want this to be a possibility," said Christine Burger-McClure, Anderson's aunt.

Missing Person flyers had been posted all over the neighborhood, because that building where the body was found was the last place Anderson was seen alive.

Anderson's family said the second floor apartment was known to be a drug house.

Anderson's family said he suffered from drug addiction and was dropped off by friends at the building on Feb. 19.

"His friends waited for a little bit and then some girl came down and told them to leave, and I guess the stuck around for a little bit longer then they heard somebody hollering, 'help! Help!' but they didn't know where it came from," Burger-McClure said. "So I don't know if that was him at that time needing help. They just left."

Police told FOX 4 they would not be moving the debris or the body until the Medical Examiner's Office arrives on scene.

A person cleaning out the upstairs apartment in the building (left) noticed feet and legs sticking out from under a pile of trash and debris on the roof the building across the alley.