Problem Solvers report on a trio of resolutions

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- When FOX 4 met Sam Perkins in January, his television reception was so bad that it was unwatchable. Unfortunately, even after a visit from FOX 4 Problem Solvers, he still has no reception.

Perkins' family is one of about 70 who say they've lost the ability to watch television because of the dozens of wind turbines installed near their homes by Amity, Mo., about an hour north of Kansas City.

The turbines have created a sharp divide in the rural county -- between those making money by leasing their property to the wind farm company NextEra, and those who aren't, yet are stuck with the consequences of living next to them.

"We are unzoned," said Ivan Kanak, who is against the turbines. "So it's kind of like the 'Wild, Wild West.' You can do anything you've got enough guts to do."

NextEra promised the people who lost reception that it will fix their problems. Since FOX 4 first aired the story, NextEra has brought in an expert to meet with families and find a solution. According to a NextEra spokesman, the reception problems at about 10 homes were solved by moving or reinstalling the antenna on top of the house.

Perkins is still waiting for NextEra to fix his television reception -- which he insisted will involve far more than just moving his antenna. NextEra hopes to have the majority of the problems solved within the next two months. FOX 4 Problem Solvers will be back to check.

Remember Darrell Corwin? He's the retired UMKC basketball coach who loves a relaxing soak in his hot tub. Corwin contacted us after a hot tub repairman named Mel Boyd failed to deliver a new tub, but kept Corwin's $800 check.

"I've called him three times a day since then," Corwin said.

That's three times a day for three months. After Corwin called Problem Solvers, we called Mel Boyd who told us he's been in and out of the hospital (Though that didn't really explain why he had failed to return any of Corwin's calls)

Boyd promised he would return Corwin's money in March. Boyd kept his word and Corwin got a check last week. There's more good news for Coach Corwin. After a hot tub manufacturer saw the story, she called FOX 4 offering to give Corwin a new tub. We'll have more on that later.

Finally, there's Cole Sales, a college student and photography buff, who contacted us after a company he worked for as a freelance photographer never paid him.

The company is Gameface Media. Gameface contracts with amateur sporting events to provide free photos to participants. Sales isn't the first photographer to complain about not being paid. We discovered dozens of similar complaints online. Gameface Media never talked to us, despite repeated phone calls.

Here's the good news, Gameface Media finally did pay Sales. The check arrived four months late, but it didn't bounce.