Kids have some hilarious answers when asked who St. Patrick actually was

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- What a day it was for the St. Patrick's Day parade on Friday. Warm temperatures and sunshine made the parade a huge success as revelers decked out in green kept the party going in Westport.

FOX 4's Shannon O'Brien hit the streets to talk to some of those revelers to see if they really knew what the day is all about.

Thousands of people lined Broadway in Midtown for the 45th St. Patrick's Day Parade to see the 131 floats go by, all to honor the patron saint of Ireland.

The kids were especially excited although some of them weren't totally sure what St. Patrick's Day is all about.

"Uh, we learned about it a lot in school, but um..." said Donovan Hodges.

"Do you know who Saint Patrick is?" Shannon O'Brien asked Legend Perry.

"Yeah," he answered. "He's Patrick from SpongeBob."

"St. Patrick's is when the leprechauns actually came to the U.S., and it's a lucky day," said 11-year-old Maggie Swearingen.

"I don't really know, but I think it's Irish. It's about Irish and stuff," said Rio Perry.

A lot of folks would be surprised to learn that St. Patrick was not actually Irish, but British. Historical accounts say that at 16, he was kidnapped by Irish pirates and enslaved for years before escaping back to Great Britain. He became a missionary and returned to Ireland to spread Christianity in the largely pagan country. Thus, as legends say, driving the "snakes" out of Ireland.

7-year-old Eilley Ledford had a pretty good handle on who St. Patrick was.

"He drove the snakes out of Ireland, so the people won't be scared and stuff," she said.

"I just know it's a time when we celebrate. I think it's about like St. Patrick driving the snakes out of Ireland," Noland Soderquits said.

While some of these kids got pretty close, some of the big kids O'Brien talked to didn't fair much better.

"Well he was the one that ran all the snakes out of Ireland, and outside of that, I'm not too sure," Bill Chick laughed.

Charles James said his great grandfather was born on March 17. Surely he should know who St. Patrick was.

"It's a bar over in Edinburgh," he said.

But whether you know the history of St. Patrick or not, everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day.