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Independence schools hope $38-million, no tax increase bond passes so they can stop overcrowding

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- Voters will decide Tuesday on a multi-million dollar plan that would help overcrowded schools in Independence.

The biggest complaint by parents in the district was getting rid of all 14 mobile classrooms across the school district.

The bond would go towards building the 20th Elementary school in the district.

The new elementary school would sit at 31st street and Hardy Avenue. It could hold nearly 500 students.

The Independence superintendent says this would be another way of reducing overcrowding at the elementary school level.

These changes will only happen if a $38-million, no tax increase bond passes on Tuesday's ballot.

"That is something for me as a parent, really resonates," Doug Cowan said. "There are at least 14 trailers out in the district. And while they're certainly not bad, kids need to be in the building. They need to be around other kids and by the cafeteria and the gym and bathrooms and all those good things. The trailers are just not the ideal situation."

If it passes, the groundbreaking for the new elementary school will start in early summer.