Mushroom hunter finds human bones in Cass County

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CASS COUNTY, Mo. -- Police are investigating a rural area of Cass County after human remains were discovered Monday.

Cass County Sheriff's deputies were called to a wooded area near E. 233rd and State Route Y, south of Belton, around 3:40 p.m. after a mushroom hunter reported finding possible human bones.

Investigators later confirmed the remains are human, but did not have further details at this time.

KCPD was on scene comparing missing persons reports. The remains are reportedly a partial skeleton, and no clothes were found.

At this time they don't know the age, race, gender or how long the remains have been there.

"The first thing, we want to make sure our deputies are safe and then the cadaver dogs will come out, and they will actually act as a tool and extension for the deputies," Cass County Sheriff Jeff Weber said. "Allow us to get a little bit more detail in it and hopefully clear that area a little bit quicker than if we were just looking with our own eyes."

Cass County police said they will be bringing in cadaver dogs Tuesday between 8 and 9 a.m. to try to locate more remains.

FOX 4 is speaking to police at the scene and will have more as information becomes available.