Joe’s Weather Blog: Finally some sunshine (everybody’s happy) (THU-4/6)

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Good afternoon…it’s a beautiful day out there today as we’re finally seeing some real sunshine and the temperatures are back to average. The air is also drying out nicely and that means that after a pleasant afternoon…it will be a chilly night and a Frost Advisory is in effect for the morning. So those tender plants may need covering and those potted plants may need to be brought inside for a few hours.


Tonight: Clear and chilly with lows 30-35°

Friday: Mostly sunny and pleasant with highs well into the 60s

Saturday: Windy and warmer with highs well into the 70s. Windy with S/SSW winds 20-35 MPH

Sunday: Partly cloudy with a chance of late afternoon/evening storms. Highs well into the 70s. Windy with south winds gusting to 40 MPH.


Well let’s just start with the satellite image of the afternoon…because it’s been a long time coming…

Aside from some cumulus clouds out there…it’s a really nice afternoon. Temperatures are pleasant as well…mid 50s as I type this weather blog.

It’s been about a 2 week stretch of gray skies and rain. In that period we received the needed rains that we were wanting though. The totals below are approximate but at least you get an idea where we’ve gone over the last couple of weeks.

Apprx rain totals over the last 2 weeks

The rough idea though is that areas from N MO towards NE KS and Topeka fared a bit better than areas further towards the SE of the KC area…

KCI received about 5 3/4″ of rainfall in that span while Sedalia picked up about 4 1/4″ of rain.

Things are now going to get back to a more typical April pattern. The forecast is not dry…another chance of rain will come later Sunday…then there may be more rain towards the middle of next week…which is usually the case around here in the Spring…a few opportunities for rain each week but not 2 straight weeks of rain. Obviously all that rain has helped out with the drought situation. The latest drought report has removed “most” of the area from drought conditions…

We’ll deal with the Sunday situation…

It will come about because of a cold front heading into the Plains…this front will be moving through KS on Sunday, so ahead of the front there will be pretty decent south winds bring up moisture into the area (in addition to warmer temperatures). The GFS is showing dew points around 60° towards the afternoon.

GFS forecast dew points for 7PM

You can see the drier and cooler air to the west…that should move in later Sunday night into Monday.

So with the front moving into the 60° dew points…we should set up for thunderstorms developing after 5PM or so. These storms could be severe from 5PM-9PM as they move into and through the area. Winds and hail appear to be the main threats from the storms. The question will be where the storms initially form…should they develop well to our west…and then consolidate more into a line as they move through the State Line region…the worst of the storms may be more towards the west of KC. Should they start coming together closer to the State Line area…then our chances would be a bit higher.

We’ll just have to watch that as things evolve on Sunday…be alert to it though because I’m thinking that a lot of folks will be outside this weekend enjoying the warmer days and the sunshine.

The good news is that the home opener for the Royals looks to be in good shape with partly cloudy skies and game time temperatures in the well into the 60s.

That’s it for today…now that the rain has stopped there isn’t a lot going on that I can think about writing about today. Our feature photo comes from our friends over @TwistedskiesWX There was a beautiful nice and full rainbow yesterday afternoon.



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