Two women who knew Jessica Runions place flowers where she was found

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CASS COUNTY, Mo. -- For the first time this week the road near the area where the remains of two people were found in Cass County is back open, and two women who say they knew Jessica Runions stopped by to show respect for the young woman who was murdered.

The area where Runions' and another individual's remains were found is private property, but now along a fence that lines it there are flowers for Jessica and the other person whose remains were found. Many believe that person could be Kara Kopetsky -- missing now for nearly 10 years.

Jessica Runions on left and Kara Kopetsky on right

Runions had been missing since September 8 when she left a party at about 9:30 p.m. with a friend of her boyfriend's, Kylr Yust.

The women didn`t want to talk to FOX 4 on camera, but they did let us capture the moment they remembered Jessica's life. You can watch that in the video above. They said they are close with Runions' father`s side of the family.

Investigators haven`t identified the second person whose remains were found. The Cass County Sheriff`s Office said Saturday morning Kansas City Missouri Police will head up that investigation.

The area where the remains were found now has yellow no trespassing signs and purple paint on trees, meant to remind people that this is someone`s private property.

FOX 4 will continue to monitor the investigation and provide updates as they are available.

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