Lenexa crash survivor said passengers pleaded with driver to slow down before deadly wreck

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LENEXA, Kan. -- More information is coming to light in the Saturday crash that killed two teens.

FOX 4's Rebecca Gannon spoke with several people today who knew Isaiah Stroble, including Eli Hernandez, one of the teens who was in the car and managed to walk away from the crash at 80th and Maurer.

Stroble was the 15-year-old driver who smashed that stolen Mitsubishi into a tree causing his death and that of 13-year-old Angelito Espinosa.

This afternoon, FOX 4 spoke with Isaiah's grandmother, who knew eight of the nine kids inside the car.

She said the family had to hide car keys from Isaiah because he had stolen their cars before.

Eli Hernandez, 15, one of the passengers in the car, recalled the moments that led up the deadly accident.

"We were just trying to have a good time," Hernandez said.

Monday afternoon, with a hand bandaged from a broken knuckle, Eli Hernandez doesn't seem to realize how lucky he is.

"I'm most likely never going to get into a car that packed again, or any taken, stolen, borrowed car," " Hernandez said.

Hernandez and the driver -- 15-year-old Isaiah Stroble -- began the night in a car Stroble took from a relative.

By 4:30 a.m., nine kids were crammed into the Mitsubishi sedan, that ended up crashing into a pine tree early Sunday morning.

"We were going the normal speed limit when the cops saw us and turned on their lights and then we sped up," Hernandez said. "Everybody was yelling for Isaiah to slow down, or stop, and Isaiah turned and lost control, and that's when we hit the tree."

A Lenexa Police spokesperson said an officer tried to stop the car after it was seen being driven without headlights on. Police said the officer chose not to pursue when Stroble sped away.

Hernandez walked away. Stroble and 13-year-old Angelito Espinosa died under that tree.

"He didn't deserve to die. He wasn't the same, but he was a good kid. He was starting to do better. His P.O. was putting him on track," Hernandez said as he broke down in tears.

Linda Vega, Hernandez's mother, said she always urged her son to make good choices when he was with Stroble.

"Isaiah, he was a good kid, but he made a lot of bad decisions," she said.

Of the seven kids who survived this crash, six of them were in the back, Hernandez said. Three in seats, three sitting on laps.

Those who were sitting on the laps suffered more injuries.

Stroble and Espinosa were both in the front seat.

Seven of the teenagers attended Kansas City, Kan. schools. The district said it had its crisis team of counselors deployed at the schools where the students attended.