Eastern Independence now home to metro’s largest solar panel farm

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- Independence is a bit greener Thursday as several hundred people now get some of their energy from the sun.

Independence Power and Light today officially unveiled their new solar farm off Bundschu Road in eastern Independence.

It is the largest solar farm in the metro with more than 11,000 solar panels facing south to soak up the sun. They produce enough megawatts to power about 500 houses, and the demand is so high, the grid is already sold out.

MC Power owns the panels and says there is an advantage to building solar farms so close to the homes that use them.

"We're really in a good climate for solar," MC Power Senior VP Loren Williamson said. "We average about five and a half to six hours of productive time per day on an annualized basis, so we're excited about the production of the farm and we think it's going to be great asset to Independence Power and Light."

The city has enough land to more than double the size of this solar farm in the future.