Man charged in confrontation with pilot at KCI

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A 49-year-old Kansas City man has been charged in municipal court with assaulting an airline pilot.

The incident took place last week in Terminal C at KCI Airport.

Both the suspect and victim had just gotten off an American Airlines flight from Dallas, Texas, when security cameras captured the confrontation.

The video shows Edward Foster of Kansas City, pushing the American Airlines pilot twice, shoving him backwards over his luggage.

According to the police report, Foster told officers he was upset with the pilot, who was also a passenger on the plane, he wasn't flying it.

Foster claims the pilot was taking up too much room in the aisle and being disrespectful to other passengers. Foster claims he told the pilot he should not be rude.

Security video shows Foster following the pilot as the two left the gate. The police report says Foster tried to take a photo of the pilot's name badge with his cellphone but the pilot knocked the cellphone out of Foster's hand. That's when Foster pushed and shoved the pilot backwards.

The pilot told police he did not wish to prosecute Foster. Nevertheless Foster did receive a ticket for the municipal charge of assault.

Court documents say the pilot suffered lacerations to both legs and bruising to his forearm.

FOX 4 News tried to talk to Foster about the incident, but there was no answer at his listed address.