Two fans facing city charges following fracas in stands at Kauffman Stadium

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Two baseball fans are now facing charges after a fight at Kauffman Stadium. A video taken on Tuesday shows a man punching a woman during a Royals game against the San Francisco Giants.

The video shows a security worker in a yellow shirt talking to a group of people, when a guy wearing a Royals shirt with the number 15 on it hit the woman behind him.

Law enforcement sources say they spoke with several people who said the woman started the fracas. According to those witnesses, she spit on the man several times and smacked him before he retaliated.

Both the man and the woman were arrested and cited for disorderly conduct before being escorted out of the stadium.

Court documents show that Edmond Stryker of Lexington, Mo, and Amy Blake of Riverside, Mo., were each given city citations for fighting in public view. Both were given a signature bond and released after they were cited, they both have court dates in May.

Blake declined medical attention and apparently didn't suffer any serious injuries. A spokesman for the Royals says the club’s biggest concern is the enjoyment and safety of fans

“When police are involved in anything that happens out at the ballpark, more often than not, alcohol was involved, I don`t know what the circumstances were in this particular case, but it was captured on some sort of video, then it becomes viral, then people are saying what happened out of Kauffman Stadium, and our job is to keep people safe in the stands, but immediately turn it over to police, and that’s what happened the other night,” Royals Vice President of Community Affairs Toby Cook explained.

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