Young athletes using yoga to prevent injuries

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- If your kids play sports, you know that injuries come with the territory. The most common reason is overuse and abuse.

Miriam Zavagnin of JoBea Kids and Roman Knox with Sporting Kansas City's under-18 academy visited FOX 4 on Thursday to demonstrate three moves to start with.

1-2-3 breathing: Diaphragm breathing with band/towel around rib cage, helps your focus and calms your mind/body (great to do before tests and games...or anytime really)

Low lunge crescent pose: Stretches groin and hip flexor, opens torso, chest & shoulders, strengthens knee, increases energy & reduces fatigue. Helps build mental focus so great to do before practice/games

Pigeon pose: Big hip opener!  Hips are tight from running, sitting and stress. Stretches hip rotators and flexor. Relieves back pain and improves mobility. Can put a block or sweatshirt under front hip to keep hips squared. Good for after games/practice.