Demolition of once popular JoCo. mall underway

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- The Metcalf South Mall is finally coming down.

After months of discussion and planning, demolition on the popular Johnson County Mall, at 95th and Metcalf, is underway.

Crews put up an orange fence a couple days ago and are just now starting the process of tearing it down. They have already started work inside the abandoned building, marking the final days for this iconic mall that once stood as the social center of Overland Park.

Earlier this week, Overland Park issued Lane 4, the developer, a demolition permit.

Lane 4 officials tell FOX 4 the plan is to gut most of the interior of the building before taking a wrecking ball to the outside.

Once all the debris has been removed and the land cleared, they will begin construction on a brand new Lowe’s store. Lowe’s will be the anchor tenant and they hope to open the new store by this time next year.

Developers will also be constructing 14 other buildings on this site to bring in various restaurants and retailers.

As of right now, Sears will be the only building left untouched.

The total cost of the project is $80-million, and Lane 4 is not receiving any city incentives for this.

The mall opened back in 1967, but fewer people have been shopping at malls in recent years, and it closed for good in three years ago.

Lane 4 has not yet released a time-table on how long demolition will take, but Lane 4 officials say they are moving full speed ahead to get this new Lowe’s store built as soon as possible.