Red Cross brings birthday cheer to 6-year-old after Grandview fire destroys family’s apartment

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Tonight, the dozens of people who used to call the Cloverleaf Apartment complex their home will sleep in a different place. Thankfully, the Red Cross is stepping in to provide a roof over their heads tonight.

FOX 4's Molly Balkenbush went to Hillcrest Community Center where the Red Cross opened a shelter just for the victims of the Cloverleaf fire.

Inside the Hillcrest Community Center there are dozens of families who either lost their home or cannot get back in their apartment.

Buses pulled up Sunday evening to drop those families off. The Red Cross said they will have the shelter up for several days and they will also be providing everybody with food, clothing and whatever they might need.

Staff said cots were arriving they are setting those up so everybody has a bed for the evening.

FOX 4 spoke to a mother who said this is not the way she expected her six-year-old daughter to spend her birthday.

All of her birthday presents, cake, and all of the food for the party was inside of their apartment and was destroyed by the fire, but the Red Cross is going to do something special for that little girl.

"I am happy to be here and blessed that my kiddos are safe. Red Cross has been awesome about trying to accommodate and they are going to buy my daughter a birthday cake today so that is going to make her day," said Tiffany Relves.

"It was her sixth birthday so she had a lot of people coming over, and she was in the unit right above where the fire started, so I told her, I asked her mom what kind of birthday cake she wants, and so I'm going to run up and grab her favorite ice cream and kind of surprise her so she will have some cake on her birthday," said Scott Riggs with the Red Cross.

The Red Cross says staff will be taking care of nearly 50 people who lived in that apartment complex and he will have been displaced by the fire.