Police seek three suspects who trashed midtown bar

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KANSAS CITY, Mo – Police are looking for three metro men, who trashed a midtown bar Friday night. It happened at the Uptown Arts Bar on Broadway, now the local performance pub is out of hundreds of dollars’ worth of equipment.

Police need your help identifying the three men. They came in through the back door of the Uptown Arts Bar on Broadway last night, which is normally how customers enter the bar. They started smashing microphones, breaking mic stands and throwing glassware against the wall. When an employee confronted them, the men ran off.

The bar is now out of hundreds of dollars’ worth of equipment. A disappointing outcome for the bar’s management, who say they would’ve let them in with open arms.

“There are curious people out there that have no direction. There's poverty in the world and people feel disenfranchised. The sad thing is, this particular venue would be the most welcoming to them. It's the exactly marginalized we are most known for supporting and giving a safe space to,” Jeannette Powers said.

If you recognize the suspects, call Crimestoppers at (816) 474-TIPS.