Driver strikes home, knocking out power for elderly resident

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A 96-year-old metro woman has been without power for weeks, after she says a truck knocked her electrical meter loose. She says she's tried to get help, but has gotten lost in the paperwork. Now, people in the community are doing whatever they can to help.

It all started when she heard an explosion, she's been without power for more than 2 weeks.

She may be just four years shy of 100, don't let her age fool you. She's sharp as a tack.

"You win some, you lose some. You suit up for all of them."

Mary Winchell lives alone and takes care of herself, but when she lost power two weeks ago, challenges were presented.

"He came in that gate and barreled back over here, west of the house," Winchell said.

Mary said a truck sped through her yard, side-swiped her wall, knocking wiring off her home.

"It made such a noise, I was so scared I thought 'what is that?' I didn't know what it was," Mary recalled.

Mary says the truck was carrying lumber, damaged her electrical meter and an underground water line. She's been without power for more than two weeks, living off of a lot of instant oatmeal, nuts and protein bars.

"We need to get her some help."

It's what KCK resident Janice Grant Witt thought when she heard about Mary's trouble. Janice called BPU for help, but says the 96-year-old has gotten lost in the shuffle.

"She in essence was left in this position alone," Witt explained.

Janice got ahold of electricians who are working on getting Mary some help but both claim this is part of a much bigger issue in Wyandotte County.

"There should be a standard of care for our seniors," Witt said.

As for the man driving the truck who has left the 96-year-old without power, Mary had a very blunt message.

"You SOB! Come back here!"

Volunteers are working with Mary, and hope to have her power back on as early as next week.