Group building tiny homes for vets in running for Hero Award

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A metro group's Facebook video got 40 million views. Then it beat out 8 million other groups in a worldwide contest. That's a lot of recognition for just four guys.

They're changing part of the metro in a "tiny-but-big" way.

They are on a mission to change the world, at least one section of it.

"We're just four guys sitting around trying to find a way to serve veterans better," Kevin Jamison said.

Meet the men behind the Veterans Community Project.

"People think we're a lot bigger than what we are. The truth is, we're just four guys working really hard to help the way we can," Jamison said.

Their goal is to put a tiny house roof over the heads of 50 homeless veterans here in Kansas City. A year after holding a ribbon cutting for the project, no veterans have moved in.

"The biggest challenge is probably not moving at a our pace. We would like to have had all 50 houses done yesterday," Jamison said.

While they don't have those 50 tiny homes filled, or even completely built yet, the founders say progress is being made.

They opened an outreach center and use it to provide veterans with free legal aid and refer them to other resources that are available to help.

"Our job is to get them to those resources and make sure they're being served properly.

This week they break ground on a new phase for their tiny house community.

"We have to install the sewers, the utilities, and the rest of the infrastructure," Jamison said.

It's a process they hope to begin in the next few days.

They say once they have their roots planted firmly in the metro, they plan to grow.

"We're going to finish what we're doing in Kansas City. Make it successful. When we've determined what's
successful, we'll be branching out to other cities," Jamison said.

They're creating tiny home communities and solving the problem of homeless veterans, one house key at a time.

The Veterans Community Project needs your vote to win a Hero Award, an award given by the "One Billion Acts of Peace" campaign.

You can vote online here through May 15th.