Joe’s Weather Blog: One heck of a storm! (SUN-4/30)

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Wow…a blizzard…lots of flooding…copious rain…severe weather…a fascinating storm via the satellite…this thing has everything working. All that will be discussed in the bottom part of the blog. Meanwhile we’re still fighting some rain (as I type this) but there are actual breaks of sunshine towards the S/SW of KC. Our temperatures are creeping upwards…and the chillier weather will move back into the area overnight into Monday morning.


Tonight: Cloudy skies with scattered showers around. Once again the temperatures will start to drop to near 40° by daybreak.

Monday: Clouds and perhaps some drizzle around in the morning. Blustery and cold with readings only around 45° or so. Then during the afternoon some sunshine will start working into the area. Highs should pop well into the 50s with gusty west winds to 25 MPH.

Tuesday: Finally a return to sunshine in the morning and mild weather with highs 65-70°. Clouds will be increasing in the afternoon however.


Well to start with…let’s talk rain. Average amounts in the area have been 2-3″ with some areas easily over 3″. Here is a look at multiple rain gauges in the region. We’ll start north and go south.

Those are healthy totals. There are even a couple of 5-6″ totals in there in far SE JOCO. Butler and Warrensburg are near 5″ of rain as well. The latest doppler indicated totals at the time of the writing of this blog shape up like this.

Statewide on the MO side where the rain was even heavier, down towards southern MO…here are some of the highest rain totals received via CoCoRaHS

That has led to this look from Branson MO

Some video…


Meanwhile in Canton, TX…a devastating tornado killed at least 5 yesterday.

On the western side of the storm…blizzard conditions through western KS…devastating the wheat crop out there…

There is a report of 17″ of snow in Colby, KS.

This is a blizzard that the western part of KS will remember for the rest of their lives I think…especially regarding the timing and western KS isn’t alone.

This will probably set some state records for KS when things are evaluated…

It’s an impressive system to view from above…a huge pinwheel circulating around.

From a radar standpoint…

and from a rain/snow standpoint…

At the surface the weather map for 1PM looks like this…IF this was FEB I wouldn’t be shocked…but late April…come on! The temperatures are in red…you can see the surface circulation of the storm near the Wichita area. Dodge City and Goodland are reporting moderate snow at 1PM

One incredible late April storm on and the winds in western KS are blowing at 50-60 MPH to make things even worse!

I wouldn’t be shocked if we’re fighting the clouds/drizzle/showers through mid-day Monday before things try and improve in the afternoon.

Another system on WED will need to be monitored…it may track just barely south of the KC metro but certainly some counties on the south side from Linn>Bates counties south will need to watch for somewhat heavier rain chances. Elsewhere the activity may be rather scattered.

That’s it for today…no Monday blog…



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  • Patrick Trudel (@sedsinkc)

    Hi Joe, busy times at work limiting my online activities…that said, yesterday was a good Saturday to be stuck at work. Quite an impressive storm as you point out. Just over 2.3 inches of rain at my gauge in KC North and over 3 inches in the last week. Lawn needs a little break from watering. I sense there was some kind of large-scale weather pattern change that began around the time KC had that system with the local tornadoes in March. It has been much wetter, and somewhat cooler, since then. I assume April temperatures on average will finish being above average, but the late month cooler weather certainly bit into the amount we are above average. Hopefully this cool stormy weather period portends for a less drought-prone summer. Perhaps the Southeast will get that with the early appearance of a strong sub-tropical ridge over that area.