City reveals spending plan for $40 million in GO bonds

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The city has released a $40 million spending plan Monday that aims to repair streets and sidewalks, and includes building projects like the new animal shelter and improvements that will allow a famous theater to welcome everyone to the show.

Voters approved an $800 million comprehensive capital improvements program to "start repairing the crumbling infrastructure that Kansas City, Missouri citizens have complained about for years," the city said in a statement.

"Since the election, we haven't stopped working on the plan to spend the first $40 million," City Manager Troy Schulte said. "We want to get the shovel-ready projects rolling, and we have to tackle the backlog of spot sidewalk repairs."

City Hall chose the projects based on jobs that could start this summer.

Among the projects included in the road work plan are $3.6 million allotted for work in Beacon Hill from 25th to 27th Street, and a $3.4 million project to reconstruct Wornall Road between 85th and 89th.

Kansas City also plans to convert part of Central Street downtown into a two-way street between 9th and 16th Street. Right now it is one-way in that stretch.

The city would also spend $1 million to upgrade Starlight Theatre, making it more accessible to people with special needs. Right now the facility its not compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Other projects include fixing City Hall elevators, restoring two fountains, and $6 million worth of sidewalk repairs in various neighborhoods.

Construction would begin on the new $7 million animal shelter at Elmwood and Gregory.

See the full list of projects here.