How to train like Miss. Missouri USA

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Miss. Missouri USA, Bayleigh Dayton, is getting ready to take off for the Miss. USA competition, but until then she is training to ensure her body feels its best when she steps out onto the stage.

"I feel like I was called to be here," Dayton said. "I was called to be here. This was never on my this was never on my agenda. So, I know I'm here for a purpose, and I just want to create my purpose about my mission."

FOX 4's Kathy Quinn stopped by Dayton's home Monday to find out what her typical workout looks like.

Dayton, who showed off a series of moves, said it's important for her to have a routine she can do anywhere. She also said her current workout regime is aimed at tightening and toning, not bulking up.

In the video above Dayton demonstrates how to do the following:

  1. Plank with partner tug of war• 15 each arm x 3 rounds
  2. Partner Wheel Barrel•20 steps [10 forward & 10 backward] x 3 rounds
  3. Shoulder Taps on the Wall• 20 taps x 3 rounds

Miss. Kansas USA will stop by the FOX 4 studio Tuesday, May 2. The Miss USA competition will be on FOX 4 May 14.