KCK high school student arrested for alleged sexual assault; classmates decry diminished sense of security

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A F.L. Schlagle High School student is under arrest after a girl says he sexually assaulted her at school.

Police say a friend of the victim called police and reported the assault Monday morning. Detectives who responded to the call say they spoke to the victim before she was taken to the hospital for rape kit testing.

Sherry Padget, an interpreter for a hearing impaired student at Schlagle, says during third period Monday, one of the boys in the 10th grade classroom was abruptly called out of class.

"Then a few minutes later a police man from the hall had come in and the teacher had met him at the door and simply said nurse, like go talk to the nurse," Padget said.

The incident was disruptive enough that it became clear something serious was happening. Other students in the classroom began asking the teacher what was going on.

"What did he do? Did he steal one of the teacher's iPhones?" Padget said of the student's questions. "And she just said worse. I am not going to tell you what he did, it's just worse."

Students who were in the building at the time saw police activity but did not know much about what happened except from hallway gossip.

"I heard about the sex thing and people getting raped in our school," said 18-year-old Munasar Abdi.

Senior Kayla Thorpe says she has been the victim of bullying and threats by other students. Her sense of security has diminished over the past four years since, as she described it, Schlagle has gone downhill.

"Kids actually used to care here at Schlagle," Thorpe said. "But now they are so disrespectful here at Schlagle that they will cuss you out, teachers, everything."

The suspect in the alleged sexual assault has been arrested and booked into the KCK jail, but he has not been charged.

David Smith with KCK Public Schools says it is an allegation that the school takes seriously. He would not comment further, saying it would not be appropriate since KCK police are investigating the incident.