MoDOT urges drivers to allow extra time for Tuesday morning commute at I-29/I-70 split

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Metro drivers had back-to-back headaches along local some local interstates after a weekend of pouring rain.

Road crews made repairs along I-29 on Monday, and it could impact the Tuesday morning commute. At 9 p.m. Monday night, Missouri Department of Transportation crews closed two lanes of I-29 northbound, between the I-70/I-29 split and The Paseo on ramp. The department says a city owned box culvert failed, likely because of all the rain.

Traffic moved slowly Monday night, but it came to a complete stop for drivers along I-70 near Troost on Sunday. Some tell FOX 4 they`ll now be out of hundreds of dollars for car repairs.

"I`m standing there looking at my tire, and i`m just watching car after car go pow, boom, boom, boom off to the side of the road,” Christopher Cottini recounted.

He takes a lot of pride in his Ford F-150 truck, but after the weekend it was not looking up to par.

“The front wheel was destroyed. I don`t know about the back one,” said Cottini.

He was one of at least 15 drivers who had to pull off of the road after hitting what they believed to be a large pothole, which lead to two car crashes. However, Cottini doesn`t think it was a pothole. He says a MoDOT worker at the scene told him crews had been working on the spot earlier in the day.

"It`s not like it was a pothole. It was about a 15-foot long trench that they had cut in the street to do a repair, and then they filled with like sand and gravel which of course is not going to hold up to rain and highway traffic,” said Cottini, who says he could be out of more than a thousand bucks.

He says his custom rims are $400 apiece, and that two could be damaged. Throw in another $400 for two tires plus installation cost, and Cottini expects to pay about $1,400.

"I don`t think that`s a drop in the bucket to anybody that I would know, at least and I`m going to have to be waiting a while to get that repaired,” said Cottini.

He has liability auto insurance, and was told his company isn`t going to pay. He has now submitted a claim to MoDOT, hoping the state will foot the bill or at least a portion.

"I`ve had a couple of other people that I know have had incidents on the road and said that it`s something of a hassle,” said Cottini.

FOX 4 submitted a number of questions to MoDOT about the criteria for legitimate claims and was told it’s decided on a case-by-case basis. Anyone who wishes to submit a claim can do so online at this link.

The road work along I-29 between the I-70 / I-29 split and The Paseo on ramp is expected to be complete before the Tuesday morning commute, however, MoDOT is asking drivers to allow themselves some extra time.