No longer knee to groin: Self defense expert shows best moves to fight off gunman on trails

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Police continue to search for two gunmen who robbed two men in two separate incidences last week.

The first one happened on the Trolley Trail in Waldo. A man cleaning up trash from the trail came face to face with a gunman who stole his wallet and then hit him over the head with a gun.

The second incident happened the next day near the Trolley Trail in Brookside. A gunman drove up to a man walking his dog and asked directions before getting out of the car and robbing him.

These recent street robberies have residents concerned for their safety, especially since so many people run and walk on local trails.

Self defense expert Janell Bartlett says there are a few techniques everyone should know and practice to protect yourself if you are ever approached by a gunman.

Bartlett says if someone approaches you wanting money or material items, give it to them, but when you do throw it as far as possible so they must go retrieve it and give you an opportunity to run away.

She said if they're actually trying to harm your body with a gun, you should first deflect the suspect's aim so the firearm is not aimed at you before throwing a punch or strike and fleeing for help.

Watch the video above to see Bartlett demonstrate each of these techniques.