Problem Solvers ‘Hall of Shamer’ found guilty of deceit, faces possible prison time

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A 78-year-old man who customers accuse of peddling bad engines in Kansas City for more than a decade could finally be headed to prison.

A Jackson County jury last week found Wes Emert guilty of three felony counts of deceiving customers by selling them engines he knew didn't work, according to the Missouri Attorney General, which joined with the Jackson County Prosecutor's Office on the case.

Over the years, FOX 4 Problem Solvers has met many of the victims of Emert's scam and even gave Emert a permanent slot in the Problem Solvers Hall of Shame. The victims said they paid Emert hundreds of dollars for motors that looked good on the outside, but didn't work once they were installed. Emert even had the nerve to include a warranty with his bad motors, but that warranty proved worthless when people tried to get a refund.

Kansas City police routinely dismissed victim complaints about Emert's shady business dealings as a civil matter. But the Missouri Attorney General's office said Emert's actions were criminal. Now a jury has agreed.

Emert will be sentenced July 28 and could face at least two years behind bars.