KC elementary school students celebrate unveiling of park they designed

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- After more than a year of designing, building, and waiting, the wait is finally over.

"It’s really special that our entire school can come out here and see what we created and they can all enjoy it too," Ben Guthrie, a fifth grade Mason Elementary student, said.

"Everyone loves it. They think it's the coolest thing ever," Reagan Parker, a sixth grade Mason Elementary student said.

The nine-member Mason Elementary team helped unveil their winning Battle of the Brains design to a large crowd outside of Union Station on Tuesday.

"I feel a sense of accomplishment that we did it, we came out here and we won, and it’s here now," Guthrie said.

Complete with a zip line, lucky climber, and several other features, the park was designed to blend fun with science.

"It is an amazing feeling to get to see their ideas turned into a reality. They worked so hard in designing and redesigning, dreaming up ideas, working as a team, and when it's all come together it’s just a phenomenal thing to see," Jenny Reidlinger, a teacher at Mason Elementary, said.

Not only did Guthrie's class help create something for their classmates to enjoy, they created something that will stand for years to come.

"I’m really proud that this will be out here for generations and generations so that when I have kids I can come out here and tell them that I built this place," he said.

The team also won their school $50,000 and built some of the Union Station playground at their own school.

It was also announced that their will be a fourth Battle of the Brains competition later this year. To learn more about the competition, click on this link.

Click on this link to see a time lapse of construction.