KC Zoo’s green aracari shows off vibrant colors, love of grapes

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- FOX 4's monthly "Zoo To You" segment is full of fun and facts. Each month a member of the Kansas City Zoo brings an animal by the studio and shares what makes them so unique. On Tuesday, May 2 Randy Wisthoff brought a green aracari.

According to Randy, a green aracari is the smallest bird in toucan family. They love grapes and have a hallow beak to make it easier for them to fly. Male birds have black colored feathers on their backs while females have red feathers on their backs.

Fun events happening at the zoo:

  1. Family Fun Fiesta on May 6
  2. Zootastik Learning Fest-Endangered Species Day May 13
  3. Mother's Day with free admission for moms on May 14
  4. Dusty's Birthday Party on May 20