OP woman surprises husband with color blind corrective glasses on recent trip to Loose Park

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- An Overland Park man who is color blind got a surprise he'll never forget Monday.

Matt Nixon's wife, Sarah, surprised him with color blind corrective glasses on their most recent trip to Loose Park.

Sarah and Matt Nixon

"I told him I needed to take him somewhere after work, but he didn't know why or where," Sarah said. "We got there and went to the flowers, and I had him close his eyes. Then I put them in his hands. He thought they were new sunglasses until he put them on."

Matt said he was immediately overwhelmed with emotion.

"I've been living in such a beautiful world and had no idea what I was missing," Matt told FOX 4. "Bright blues, reds, purples and greens were everywhere, and I quickly realized I didn't really know what colors looked like. My wife's eyes were stunning and I was able to see my children through a whole new lens."

Sarah uploaded a video of Matt's reaction to Facebook Monday with the caption, "So today I surprised my amazing husband with color blindness correcting glasses... let's just say they worked."

She had been thinking about buying the glasses for about a year, and finally ordered them last week. When the package arrived Monday she knew she wouldn't be able to keep the secret for long.

"They were delivered yesterday (Monday), and I knew I couldn't hold onto them without telling him, plus we leave for vacation tomorrow (Wednesday), and I wanted to make sure they worked for our trip," Sarah said.

The couple, who has been married since October, will head to San Francisco and Napa.

Sarah said no one else knew about the surprise so afterward Matt, who has Anomalous Trichromacy, called his parents and when he told them, he cried.

His wife says he first realized the severity of his color blindness when he tried to get a pilot's license.

"He was crushed," Sarah said.

When asked what made her think of ordering the glasses, Sarah said, "He's watched the other videos of people getting glasses and would always get emotional."

Screenshot of the message the company sent to Sarah in response to the video she shared of Matt's reaction.

Sarah told FOX 4 she sent the video of Matt's reaction to the company, and they were so touched they sent her a check for $100.