Overland Park man overcome with emotion when special glasses allow him to see colors

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- An Overland Park woman ordered her husband color blindness correcting glasses and caught the emotional moment on video.

“Oh I cried! Just ear to ear grin the whole time, to see him,” said Sarah Nixon.

“It was a little overwhelming too, because I immediately thought, here are all these colors I have been miscategorizing for 37 years,” said her husband, Matt.

Sarah took a video of her husband in Loose Park this week.

“Watching his reaction to all the other videos, I wanted him to have that to keep, and he has three kids, and I know it’s something they’d want to see, because they are constantly asking questions, like what color is this to you, can you see this? And so, I wanted to have something to show them as well,” Sarah added.

He got very emotional seeing all the colors of the flowers for the very first time.

“I couldn’t wait to look at pictures of my kids and my parents, family, friends, things like that,” Matt said.

Sarah says she looked and looked and finally found the glasses on Amazon for $64 through a company called Golden Mermaid. She decided it was a small price to pay for someone who has gone almost four decades without seeing certain colors.

“I remember my dad telling me about the corner kicks from the red line on the green field, and there’s no red line to me!” says Matt.

Matt says he doesn't go anywhere without the glasses.

“I realized that the world is a lot more beautiful than I had ever experienced,” added Matt.