‘It looked like a rocket’: Driver strikes two homes with car in Olathe

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OLATHE, Kan. -- Olathe police say a car driver struck two homes at 160th Place and S. Warwick on Thursday afternoon.

An Olathe police spokemsan says the driver hit one house, went through the backyard and then struck another house, causing significant damage, but no injuries have been reported yet.

FOX 4's Marcus Officer talked to neighbors, who were relieved that no one was hurt. A man named Bob said the car looked like a rocket, and it was veering through a neighborhood where kids are often playing in a cul-de-sac.

"The silver lining is that nobody was hurt, because she has her kids, this cul-de-sac has all kinds of kids playing in it and they play in each other's backyard. There's all kinds of people that walk up and down the street with strollers and their dogs, and nothing like that was going on... nobody was hurt, thank God," Bob said.

FOX 4 will continue to follow developments and report more about the crash when information is released.