West Plaza man and neighbors fed up with people trashing yards, tagging area with graffiti

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A West Plaza man said he and his neighbors are fed up with people using their yards like a dumping ground. He also said people are also vandalizing property near 45th and Holly with graffiti.

“It`s been a variety of things, primarily people using my yard as a dog walk area, and a place for dogs to poop, I also have problems with trash, vandalism, graffiti,” said Ken Williams, who has lived in this West Plaza neighborhood about a year-and-a-half.

He said he`s had problems since he moved to the area.

“Really bad on the weekends,” Williams said. “Anything of value that`s on my front porch, except for the U.S. flag has been stolen.”

He said he finds liquor bottles, fast food wrappers, beer cans, drug paraphernalia, you name it.

“I had a bad incident with the owners of this apartment building over here, because they were not emptying their dumpsters on a regular basis, and the wind was blowing the trash into my yard,” added Williams.

But what bothers him the most is the dog poop that irresponsible dog owners leave in his yard.

“I would just ask that people try to be responsible pet owners, and bring little baggies, and clean up after your dog,” Williams said.

Now, he`s considering posting signs.

“Either a no-trespassing sign, or maybe a no dog pooping sign,” Williams added.

And he`s worried the problems that seem small, will create bigger problems for him in the future.

“Graffiti makes the neighborhood look bad, and whenever you see graffiti, that tends to attract other crime and other problems and bad elements, and secondly, the city will hold me responsible, because it`s on my property, and I could be looking at a fine of at least 500 dollars,” said Williams.

Williams said he`s gotten some good ideas from people. They`ve suggested getting motion activated water sprinklers, electric fences, and nerf guns that are remote activated. He said if the problem persists, he might take their advice.