Annual March for Kara takes on different feel after remains found near Belton

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BELTON, Mo. -- Her daughter vanished a decade ago, and a metro mom believes she knows what happened to her. She is now just waiting for official proof.

Kara Kopestsky disappeared from Belton High School on May 4, 2007.

Her mother Rhonda Beckford said she believes a skull found in April in rural Cass County is Kara. The skull was found near the remains identified as Jessica Runions of Raymore.

Runions disappeared September of last year.

Kylr Yust is accused of burning Runions' car after she disappeared.

Yust is associated with both Runions and Kopetsky, but he hasn't been charged in Runion's death, or Kopetsky's disappearance.

Kara's family said they already have their answer. They said they know it's her, and they say they know who took her.

Sunday family and friends held their annual Walk for Kara, holding signs that read "Honk for Kara."

They've been holding this walk for 10 years now, but this one was much different than the rest because they believe they are only weeks away from finally having answers.

Last month, remains were found in Cass County near the remains of missing Jessica Runions.

Kara's family says they know their daughter was buried next to Jessica, and soon they will know for sure.

"Everybody said that when Jessica went missing, wherever he put Jessica is where he put Kara because after almost 10 years, Kara hadn't been found," Kara's mother said. "So, you know, all of her search group, they all said, 'you know, when you find one, you'll find the other. They'll both be there.'"

Investigators said that second set of remains could be officially identified as early as next month.