Alligator attacks 10-year-old girl but she escapes with only 10 stitches

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ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — A 10-year-old girl was swimming in a lake in Florida when a nine-foot alligator attacked her, but somehow she kept her wits about her and says she was able to pry open his mouth and remove her leg.

People heard her screams and came to help.

“I realized that she was screaming that she got bit by an alligator. At this point I couldn’t see anything but a couple seconds later, I saw the alligator so I ran towards the water,” said Emilio Aquino.

Juliana Ossa was pulled to safety and two lifeguards helped put bandages on her.

“Got the child out of the water real quick. Grabbed the child, notified everybody to get out of the water, while the lifeguards were blowing the whistles. It was just a joint effort by the patrons,” said Matt Suedmeyer, Orange Co. Parks and Rec.

Juliana received ten stitches in her leg. The gator was captured and euthanized soon after the attack happened.