Hyde Park neighbors growing frustrated with too many vehicles blocking narrow driveways

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Homeowners and renters in a Kansas City neighborhood are fed up with people parking on the streets and blocking their driveways.
One resident says every day for almost a month there has been someone either blocking their driveway or parked right up to the edge.

“Sometimes there’s just not enough room for all the cars that people have when they park over here, and we all do still have driveways, but they are narrow driveways, and if somebody parks in the street, blocking, just a little bit close, it causes difficulty getting out of your driveway,” said Lauren Stindt.

Stindt has rented a house in the Hyde Park neighborhood for about a year.

“It’s just a pain, because I live here, and I should be able to get in and out without too much difficulty, but sometimes that doesn’t happen,” Stindt added.

She says the apartment complexes nearby don’t have parking, so they park on the streets, and many nearby homes have multiple residents, and each person has a car.

“A few evenings ago, I was just pulling in to get into my driveway, but there was a car that was parked close, with just enough overlapping that I had to do quite a bit of maneuvering just to get into my driveway, because there were also other cars, and these are also narrow one way streets,” Stindt described.

Frustrated homeowners have posted on social media reminding their neighbors to be more considerate and leave a few feet for others to get out of their driveway. Others have commented about how they’ve had to park on the street to ensure they could get out to take their kids to school.

“There’s been some times where I have to be more a little bit more creative on how I get out of my driveway,” Stindt said.

They say this happens multiple times a week, and hope people think twice before parking somewhere that might block a neighbor.

“Just more common courtesy toward your neighbors, and just be cautious of how big your car is, and if it will really fit there,” said Stindt.

Since they are public streets, the people living here say their only option is to call parking control or a tow truck, which they know is expensive, and say they would rather not have to do that to people living in their neighborhood.