French police get training on American law enforcement tactics with Grandview PD

GRANDVIEW, Mo. -- Grandview police might have been brushing up on their français this week, as three members of a small town police force in France were in the southside suburb to learn more about how American law enforcement trains.

They were learning a lot about how things are different, even for a small town department like Grandview.

Ofc. Jean-Michel Poupon with Cavalaire-sur-Mer police said though a translator that they learned about all the equipment that Grandview police have at their disposal. He said it was a surprise to them, as they don't have as much equipment.

The French officers will be in Grandview for two weeks, where they will participate in ride-alongs and learn SWAT protocol and negotiation tactics.

Their small coastal city of about 6,400 raised the money to send them to the U.S. to train.

Cavalaire-sur-Mer is located in the French Riviera, along the Mediterranean.