#FeatureFriday: Fun facts you didn’t know about Loren Halifax and Mike Thompson

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Loren Halifax and Mike Thompson

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Each Friday during the month of May two different FOX 4 personalities will be featured as part of #FeatureFriday. This week features evening anchor Loren Halifax and Chief Meteorologist Mike Thompson.

Fun facts about Loren Halifax

  • I miss the FOX4 morning crew but I love sleeping past 3 a.m.!  LOVE Abby on the morning show – she rocks!!!

Loren Halifax and Abby Eden with Sluggerrr at School Day at The K.

  • I am a Royals fan. I’d rather watch baseball than go to bed on time.

    Loren and Sluggerrr

  • I still have the all 2014 and 2015 Royals AL & World Series games on DVR.
  • We have a big German Shepherd named Molly.  I like to spell it Mauly.  He’s trained in Russian commands but I can only remember one of them.

    Loren’s German Sheppard Mauly.

    Loren’s other dogs.

    Meet Loren’s cat.

  • I like to bring treats for the FOX4 crew. They vary, but usually include an apple pie because Al Wallace loves apple pie!

    Loren loves to bring pie for the newsroom.

    I liked Marvel & DC comics as a kid & love the movies now. My favorite Avenger is Captain America. Favorite Justice Leaguer is Wonder Woman – I SOO wanted to be her! Thanks to Stan Lee for the second childhood and to Steven in FOX4 graphics for this pic! Yay or nah?

    Loren as a super hero.

Fun facts about Mike Thompson

Mike Thompson on his back deck.

  • I’ve played guitar since I was 10 years old. I taught myself to play and pretty much play by ear.

    Mike Thompson playing the guitar.

  • I hold 2 Guinness Book World Records! One For School Day at the K, and the other for being part of the largest group of people playing “Smoke on the Water” on the guitar at the same time!

    School Day Cloud Experiment

  • I used to be pretty athletic…the key phrase is “used to be”. I was a catcher all through high school until I went into the NAVY. I was also the starting center in football…and threw shot and discus in track. I also played a lot of volleyball!

    Mike’s home fashion statement.

  • I am distantly related to country music star Randy Travis

    Mike Thompson and Dennis Leonard

  • I got into television by accident, and my wife is to blame! Really!

    Mike’s brother Bill, his mom and Mike

  • I used to coach USVBA Volleyball
  • I’ve driven the same truck for 17 years!
  • I once placed dead last in the Chicken Category at the American Royals BBQ Contest…I also placed 4th in ribs once too. I started competing in the American Royal BBQ contest in 1984…and did so for over 20 years!
  • I was offered a job at CNN in 1982 when that network was brand new…I turned it down because I was afraid that cable news was a dead end street! I may have been wrong about that…but, I’m actually glad I did…I enjoy being a part of Kansas City far more than I would have been doing national weather…that’s too boring!
  • I will be a great-grandfather in June!

    Mike Thompson and his youngest granddaughter.